The ALK Foundation is dedicated to the research, professionalisation and dissemination of the ClO₂ molecule in the form of CDS, as well as to bringing the fundamentals of electromolecular medicine to the world.

We have a building that was donated at the end of 2021 with headquarters in Jalisco, Mexico, where the administrative offices, the training room, the research department, the area of innovative therapies are already in operation and, thanks to donations, we are building the Clinical Laboratory that will have the areas of blood chemistry, haematology, immunology, parasitology and microbiology, for the benefit of humanity and at the service of our members;

About the International Foundation

Andreas L. Kalcker A.C.

After more than 15 years of research, we have been able to create the Andreas Ludwig Kalcker International Foundation A.C., legally registered and authorised for donations, in order to continue the biophysical research work carried out by Dr. h.c. Andreas Kalcker, that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, as well as offering hope to those who have received the diagnosis of “Incurable”. .

It is important to us to continue research in electromolecular medicine in order to develop innovative therapies and to teach doctors and healthcare professionals new ways of approaching therapy;

We have now opened our research centre with more than 1500² meters at the service of the foundation, which also offers training rooms, personalised care with innovative therapy areas for our members.